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Your Sewer Cleaning Specialists

Keep your sewer lines in good condition with sewer cleaning and repair services from Top Contender DS in Burbank, California. We specialize in drain cleaning and clog clearing. However, we also take care of all your pipes and sewer lines. To ensure that your sewer lines and drain pipes are clean and clear, contact us today for reliable, effective service.

Sewer Pipes

Drain & Sewer Problems

Our sewer line cleaning service clears your lines of roots, grease, and foreign objects. Using the proper equipment, we repair any broken or worn pipes to ensure water flows freely and evenly throughout your system. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Sewer Inspections

A proper inspection helps prevent long-term and short-term damage to your sewer system. As part of our sewer inspection service, we run a camera down your sewer line to check for current or future problems. This allows us to identify and eliminate issues before a problem occurs.

Spot Repairs

Outside your home, we can excavate any section of sewer or drainage piping for replacements or repairs as needed. The most common problem with exterior sewer pipes is tree roots getting inside them. We handle this by isolating the affected area and replacing that part of the pipe. We also install cleanout access points to remove roots from your drain on a regular basis. This frees you from ever having to worry about this problem again.